Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Me and my husband tied the knot june 7th 2008 and we are more than happy with each other but nobody said or warned us how hard marriage really is lol we just thought marriage was making love kissing and living life with each other. WOW what a big surprise. Every one says how the first couple of years of marriage is the hardest wasnt they right lol its funny how they tell us this after we have gotten married . Marriage is also confusing somtimes u dont know what to say or what to do or for that matter what u have done to the man you love , the man u would do anything for. When it all comes down to me almost leaving today and walking out the door his voice saying "baby please dont leave" made me do a dead stop him saying "i cant live without you " made my heart melt but what r u suppose to do screem and yell at each other ?what good is that ? or walk out and hope and pray that yall get back together ? or just say your done and walk out ? its a diffrent story when there is a child involved to wondering if that child is going to be confused because he is wondering why mommy and daddy isnt together. Marriage is very scary at times cause u know you love that person but it seems you cant do nothing right you feel that you arnt good enough. feeling like no mater how short your skirt is or how big your boobs are you still feel like he is looking at that other girl. But is he or is it me? I have been hurt by so many other men its so hard for me to trust anybody not to mention i cant even trust my own family. Did i start the argument or did he ? I guess having time to think all day and for him to think all day we sat down and sorted our diffrences but i dont know if i will ever be able to get over my jelousy issue as bad as i wish i didnt have it its sooo hard to get over it. But i do love that man of mine he is my everything i and i will do everything in my power to make it work because we are in a marriage and thats what married people do i guess have arguments and work them out. Its funny how when u love someone u will do anyhting for that person i guess thats what marriage is tho huh . lol Marriage is great as long as u understand it. It is taking me a while to understand a few things but again i will do anyhting for the man i love because he is my EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!